Public Health Modernization


Public Health Modernization is a program funded by the State of Oregon Health Authority through the Public Health Division.

Public Health modernization efforts at DPHN fall into four general categories with a universal goal of improving the health of the community. These categories are:  1) communicable disease  and immunization; 2) health equity & access to health services; 3) emergency and all hazard preparedness; 4) health promotion and disease prevention.  Cross-sector collaboration, community capacity building and diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) are key guiding principles across all four categories of work. Efforts span from individuals to families, communities and organizations.

Outcomes and impacts of the categories include:

  • Decrease in communicable disease transmission
  • Increase in access (defined as accessibility, availability, affordability and acceptability) to health services for populations experiencing health inequities
  • Reduced effects of all hazards and emergencies due to preparation
  • Decreased disease burden & increased quality of life of residents in the county

The complex public health problems that our communities are experiencing now require a nimble, community-based and equity-centered public health system. People in Oregon deserve a public health system that identifies, plans for and prevents communicable and environmental threats such as extreme weather events. Building upon public health improvements to date, Oregon has the opportunity to ensure all people and communities thrive with optimal physical, mental and social well-being and have access to quality, affordable health care through public health modernization. More information about the legislative funding for Public Health Modernization is available at the Oregon Health Authority page here.

Public Health Modernization works to ensure public protections critical to the health of all in Oregon and future generations. These include efforts to promote health, prevention of diseases, responding to new health threats and working to make air, water and food safe.  

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