Tobacco Prevention & Education

The Tobacco Prevention and Education Program (TPEP) in Douglas County is currently contracted by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) to enforce violations of the Indoor Clean Air Act.

Oregon’s Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA) protects nearly every Oregonian from the health risks of secondhand smoke. The ICAA prohibits smoking in the workplace and within 10 feet of all entrances, exits and accessibility ramps that lead to and from an entrance or exit, windows that open and air-intake vents. In 2016, the Oregon legislature added “inhalant delivery systems” to the ICAA. This means that the ICAA applies to products such as e-cigarettes and vape pens.

Under the ICAA, smoking is prohibited in public places and workplaces, with few exceptions. Public place means any enclosed area open to the public. Place of employment means an enclosed area that is under the control of a public or private employer and that employees frequent during the course of employment. 

Oregon’s ICAA requires workplaces and public places to be smoke, vapor, and aerosol free. This includes enclosed areas that are open to the public. To learn more about potential enclosed areas, please click here

In Oregon, the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) is responsible for enforcing the ICAA. On behalf of OHA, Local Public Health Authorities conduct educational and remediation activities with businesses.

Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA) is a complaint driven law. People must report any violations directly to OHA or their local public health  before action can be taken to enforce the law.  Although Douglas Public Health Network is only funded for the enforcement of ICAA, DPHN also works with community partners to educate and prevent the use of tobacco throughout Douglas County.  

Learn about the Indoor Clean Air Act (ICAA) from the Oregon Health Authority:

Douglas Public Health Network is able provide ICAA Decals to businesses upon request. 

Reporting Violations of the ICC: 

  • The public and/or employees may report violations of the law by completing an online complaint form or by calling 1-866-621-6107
  • Business resources including compliance and enforcement information here


Want to quit?   Get help quitting tobacco.

Quitting Resources:

Oregon Tobacco Retail License Program

As of January 1, 2022, any business that wants to be authorized to sell tobacco, nicotine and vaping products in Oregon is required to get a Tobacco Retail License from the Department of Revenue

All enforcement regarding a Tobacco Retail License in Douglas County is imposed by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA). Please visit OHA’s Tobacco Retail Licensing and Sales webpage here for more information.