COVID-19 Vaccination Information

The bivalent COVID-19 Boosters are in Douglas County, get yours today! 



Where do I get my COVID-19 vaccine or my COVID-19 Booster? 

Please reach out to your regular health care provider or pharmacy to schedule your vaccine or your booster. The new bivalent boosters are now in the community and available (September 2022).   
If you are specifically looking for your booster, please contact the place you received your first vaccine(s).  We want you to get your booster! 
If you do not have a regular health care provider or pharmacy, we encourage you to establish with a provider as a new patient and/or talk to a local pharmacy about scheduling your vaccine or your booster.  See below for who is eligible and when.  You may have a preference but if you are eligible, your booster can be any of the three available vaccines. 

Our Local Vaccination Plan

We have worked with many partners in the community and have signed up over 40 vaccine providers in the county, including doctor’s offices, clinics, pharmacies, Emergency medical providers and even dentist’s office. They cover all of the county, from Glendale in the south to Drain in the North and Reedsport to the west, with many in between. A survey of those over 80 show 90% of them have doctors who provide Covid vaccine and are willing to vaccinate their patients. 

Our plan is simple, people should get COVID vaccine where they get their regular health care or flu vaccine.

For those few who do not have a regular doctor or whose doctor does not provide vaccine, they can get vaccine at one of our cooperating pharmacies or at other clinics who have agreed to provide vaccine. Please call your pharmacy to set up an appointment for a vaccine. 

Here are some of the questions we have received so far;

  • If I get the first dose, what about the second dose? As with everything about vaccines, things change all the time. At the current time, we expect that those who get vaccinated can expect a second dose about 3 weeks after the first.

  • Will there be a charge for the vaccine? The federal government has purchased all of the Covid vaccine. Our vaccinators will receive the vaccine at no cost to them. They will charge an administration fee to cover the cost of storage recordkeeping and labor. They will bill your insurance, but you should not receive a bill or charge for the service.

  • I got a first vaccine elsewhere, can I get my second vaccine in Douglas County? The second doses are “paired” to the first dose and your second dose will be sent to wherever you got your first dose. So, except in rare circumstances, you need to return to where you got your first dose.

  • I am a patient at the VA? Where do I get vaccine? The VA gets a supply of vaccines apart from what is provided by the state. They are vaccinating seniors at the VA. Please call your provider at the VA to set up an appointment.
  • When is the new bivalent booster going to be available and for whom?  The new boosters are now available for those 12 and older, in Douglas County.  Contact your provider or pharmacy to get your booster and watch for upcoming booster clinics sponsored by DPHN, OHA and Douglas County. 

Where do I get a replacement vaccine card? 

Please contact the clinic or site where you received your first vaccine(s) for a replacement card.