In 2014, Douglas County was struggling to adequately provide public health services to the community and a report was conducted in order to analyze the county’s best options.

The result of this report, and the hard work of public health leaders in the community, was the decentralization of public health from the county and the establishment of a 501(c)3 non-profit known as Douglas Public Health Network in the fall of 2015. Douglas Public Health Network (DPHN), operating as a consortium of both for profit business and non-profit organizations, is a new way to provide public health services. While the county retains public health authority, Douglas Public Health Network and its affiliated non-governmental organizations provide the services. The majority of services are provided directly by the participating organizations:

  • Umpqua Community Action Network (UCAN) took over the Women, Infant and Children’s program and provides nurse visiting services.
  • Aviva provides immunization services, women’s reproductive health, family planning and sexually transmitted disease (STD) and school based health services
  • ADAPT Integrated Health Care provides adult and school based mental health services, primary care, addiction treatment and prevention and education.

DPHN itself contracted with the county to take over the Communicable Disease, Emergency Preparedness, and Tobacco Prevention and Education (TPEP) programs. DPHN is also involved with specialized programs focusing on specific topics such as public health modernization and prescription drug overdose prevention. 

DPHN is managed by a board of directors with Dr. Bob Dannenhoffer serving as Executive Director/Public Health Administrator overseeing an eight person staff.


Greg Brigham, PhD | CEO ADAPT, Board chair

Tim Freeman | Douglas County Commissioner

Not currently filled | Advantage Dental

Lucy Zammarelli | Trillium

Maureen Short | Umpqua Community Action Network

Jay Richards | Aviva Health

Brent Eichman | Umpqua Health

Jason Gray, MD | Mercy Medical Center, Chief Medical Officer



Executive Director & Emergency Preparedness Coordinator | Teresa Mutschler

Chief Health Strategist | Bob Dannenhoffer, MD

Finance Officer | Becky Bright Jones

Public Information Officer | Vanessa Becker

Communicable Disease Officer/Epidemiologist | Laura Turpen

Disease Intervention Specialist | Andree Shidlovsky

Disease Intervention Specialist | Paul Leonard

Public Health Generalist & Records | Mark Stout

Public Health Modernization Program Coordinator | Brian Mahoney

Public Health Modernization Program Epidemiologist| Sarah Zia

Tobacco Prevention & Education Program Coordinator | Brittany Cross

Overdose Prevention Coordinator | Kim Gandy

Health Promotions Specialist | Kristen Watson

Health Equity Coordinator| Sandi Aguiar