Health Promotion Programs

Maternal, Child & Adolescent Health (MCAH)

Maternal, Child and Adolescent Health programs at DPHN are focused on promoting health across the lifespan of individuals and families. Preconception, pregnancy and early child experiences influence lifelong wellness. MCAH programs seek to promote healthy behaviors and increase health promotion knowledge for women, children and families, ultimately increasing the health of the community.  DPHN collaborates with several local organizations to promote and support MCAH programs and services.

Services in Douglas County for Children, Mothers, Adolescents and Families

  • 2021 Douglas County Breastfeeding Resource Guide
  • WIC (Women Infants & Children)  is provided by UCAN  in Douglas County. WIC is a nutrition education program that helps pregnant women, new mothers, and young children learn how to eat well and stay healthy.  WIC works to improve the health and nutrition of women and children during critical years of a child’s development.
  • Home Visiting Programs are also provided by UCAN.Through UCAN’s nurse home visiting programs, eligible Douglas County pregnant women, families with young children, and families with children with special needs receive comprehensive support services from nurses.  Programs offered through Nurse Home Visiting include Babies First and CACOON.


Additional Programs & Collaborations


Reproductive Health

DPHN reproductive health promotion focuses on promoting access to and reducing barriers to reproductive health services.  DPHN utilizes funding from the Oregon Health Authority Community Partnerships & Assurance of Access to Reproductive Health services program (also called PE 46) to support outreach, education, training and collaboration with local reproductive health clinics.

Reproductive Healthcare Clinics (RHCare Clinics) provide services related to sexual and reproductive health.  Their purpose is to provide a broad scope of reproductive and sexual health services to all clients.  These clinics are certified with the Oregon Reproductive Health Program. Services at RHCare Clinics include:
• Birth control including Emergency Contraception and Vasectomies
• Pelvic Exams and Pap tests
• Pregnancy tests
• STI Screening and Testing
• Health Education and Counseling
• Pre-pregnancy counseling

RHCare Clinics in Douglas County Include:

Aviva Health Glide
20170 N Umpqua Highway
Glide, OR 97443

Aviva Health Myrtle Creek
790 S Main Street
Myrtle Creek, OR 97547

Aviva Health North County
316 West A Avenue
Drain, OR 97435

Aviva Health Roseburg
150 Kenneth Ford Drive
Roseburg, OR 97470

Aviva Health Sutherlin
123 Ponderosa Drive
Sutherlin, OR 97479

Information about the Reproductive Health Equity Act in Oregon (HB 3391) can be found here.  
You can also search for a Reproductive Health Clinic near you on this statewide website, click here. 

Do you need birth control products? 

One At Home Program

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Do you wonder what kind of birth control is right for you?

There are many types of birth control. The Bedsider site has information to help you determine what type is right for you.  You can reach the Bedsider site here