Report A Communicable Disease

To Report Electronically (Healthcare Professionals Only):

Click here and fill in the information in this form.

When information is entered, it will get imported into Orpheus (Oregon State Disease Surveillance System), and we will be notified.

To Report by Phone or Fax:

During working hours (Monday to Friday, 8AM-5PM):
Call:  541-677-5814  or  Fax(secure): 541-464-3914

After hours:
Call: 541-440-4471

What to Report:

Per Oregon State Statutes, all physicians, healthcare providers, and laboratories are required to report all “reportable” diseases to DPHN. This encompasses not only lab-confirmed cases; but also all clinically suspect cases, including unconfirmed cases with pending lab results. Where no health care provider is in attendance, any individual knowing of such a case shall report in a similar manner. DPHN adheres to guidelines as set forth by the Oregon Health Authority (OHA) which can be found here.

Remember: All reports should be made to the patient’s local health department. Reports on patients who are out-of-state residents can be made to the patient’s local health department or directly to the Oregon Health Authority by phone at (971) 673-1111 or fax at (971) 673-1101.


Disease Reporting posters:

For Clinicians
For Laboratories
HAI (Healthcare-Associated Infections) (OHA & CMS requirements)
CRE (Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae)