It’s that time of year again……..National Immunization Awareness Month! (Sponsored by NPHIC, the National Public Health Information Coalition)

With the new school year just around the corner, it’s a great time to start thinking not only about making your school-aged kiddos are up-to-date on their vaccinations but also to think about the rest of the family as well. Vaccines play an important role in preventing illness across the lifespan, not just in little ones.

Here’s some general information on immunizations from the Oregon Health Authority and the CDC,


Each week in August we will spotlight a different group, providing specific information relating to vaccinations in that population. To start the month off, this week’s group is pregnant women.

Making sure you’re up to date on immunizations before coming pregnant will get you off on a healthy start. Vaccines not only protect you against serious diseases, but also prevent you from passing these diseases on to your baby. Additionally, vaccines you receive during pregnancy help protect your baby from diseases in the first few months of life before they can receive their own vaccines. Two vaccines, influenza (protects against flu) and Tdap (to protect against whooping cough) are routinely recommended during pregnancy. (These vaccines can also be administered to breastfeeding moms and protective antibodies will be passed to baby through the breast milk.) During pregnancy is also a great time to start learning about childhood vaccinations that will provide your child with safe, proven disease protection as the grow up.

Here are some additional resources regarding vaccinations and pregnancy:

CDC: | Espanol

OHA Guide: English | Espanol

Additional Resources from Children’s Hospital of Pennsylvania:

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