National Preparedness Month

September was National Preparedness Month.

No matter where you live, it’s important to be prepared for natural disasters. In our region, we are most at risk for wildfires and earthquakes. Below are links to general information on emergency preparedness from Douglas County Emergency Management, the Oregon Health Authority and (a National public service campaign designed to educate and empower Americans to prepare for, respond to, and mitigate emergencies).

Douglas County Emergency Management:
OHA: English | Other Languages | For Kids/Youth

Each year, National Preparedness Month has a different overarching theme. The theme for 2018 was Disasters Happen. Prepare Now. Learn How. and emphasized the importance of planning ahead. Each week this page was updated to spotlight a specific aspect of preparedness planning with various resources provided to help you be better prepared. Resource links from each week are provided below. The resources and information provided was intended for use by individuals/households. Preparedness information specific to businesses/business owners can be found here:

Week 1 Resources:
Disaster Specific Information:
Emergency Planning:
Emergency Alert Systems:
Emergency Preparedness and Technology:
American RedCross “Safe & Ready” post-disaster Survivor registration/search:

Week 2 Resources:
House Fire Preparedness:
Preparedness for Individuals with Disabilities/Functional Needs:
How to Build an Emergency Kit:
Personal Safety Skills:
Emergency Response Until First Responders Arrive:
Prepareathon Info:
Registering a Prepareathon/Community Preparedness Event:

Week 3 Resources:
Flood Insurance Info:
National Flood Insurance Program:
Documenting and Insuring Your Property:

Week 4 Resources:
Financial Preparedness:
FLEC Financial Planning Info:
FEMA Emergency Financial First Aid Kit (EFFAK) Guide: