Communicable Disease

Working to Keep Douglas County Healthy

Disease prevention and control is a cooperative effort involving health care providers, local and state health department personnel and members of the community. The Communicable Disease program at DPHN works to prevent the emergence and spread of communicable diseases. This includes collecting and analyzing disease reports, studying risk factors, protecting exposed individuals and families, developing guidelines for disease prevention and control, and planning and responding to public health emergencies involving communicable diseases.



Law and Guidelines

By Law health providers and laboratories are required to report to Local Health Departments “any of the diseases, infections, or conditions listed in OAR 333-018-0015 shall report such cases as specified. Where no health care provider is in attendance, any individual knowing of such a case shall report in a similar manner”.

DPHN abides by the guidelines and rules of Oregon Health Authority (OHA).



Recent Statistics of Local CD Reports in Douglas County

(Updated 2/2/2018)

Gonorrhea reported cases in 2016 = 36

Gonorrhea reported cases in 2017 = 94

If we took the same population number for Douglas County calculated in 2016 for both 2016 and 2017 by the US Census Bureau

Incidence Rate of 2016 and 2017 are

33.19 new cases of Gonorrhea per 100,000
86.67 new cases of Gonorrhea per 100,000


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